+ Currentrly cooking a new MISÁNTROPUS issue, to this season I've figured out a double album. Numbers 3 & 4 united by a couple of staples and lots of conceptual links between them. More info soon.


+ New article "Around three (im)precisions" on Engawa (online, spanish only).


+ 5 "MISÁNTROPUS #2" copies printed in green paper available for sale. Watch vídeo.

Madrid / Ciudad de México


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I'm Jorge Cárdenas del Moral, architect, researcher and independent critic. I was born in Mexico City in 1979. In 2005 I officially became an architect and in 2016 I obtained a PhD degree at Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (Cum Laude). As a result of this effort, two years later I published my first book "Monumental" (Ed. Diseño Editorial). I have written several research and divulgation articles published in diverse, national and international, magazines.

Generally speaking, my trajectory is developed within the fields of academia and professional practice. My theoretical and practical activities operate on the same level. I'm interested in taking advantage of the existing elements, intervening what is built, both in written and constructive forms. I believe in the possibilities given by the analysis of the previous where the marginal, peripheral, and "the invisible", acquires other meanings in the current context. I am interested in generating a critical thinking, considering academic elements but focused on alternative targets. My interests in art, philosophy, punk rock, counterculture and politics are characteristic of my work.

Living in Madrid since 2007.